Hi, everyone! I just want to throw out a little challenge today.

How about if today we make a special effort to live in the moment.

For today, set aside thinking about the huge goals you may have for your body.

Instead, relish each moment and choose to take THIS moment captive for the Lord. When you are faced with a choice to eat and you aren’t hungry and you KNOW it, grab THIS moment. In one little moment, you can resist and I can say from experience that the temptation can pass. Especially if you CHOOSE to set your mind and heart on something else! It is true! 🙂

So how about it…today, live in the moment. Can you grab THIS moment for the Lord? I knew you could! Unless you are munching mindlessly on food right now, you just captured this moment (actually a few of them) for the Lord! Now how about THIS one! Presto! A great day of living for Him and godly choices is made up of having captured one moment at a time for him. Live in the moment, resolved to honor him NOW and presto! At the end of the day, you will see a bazillion moments that were captured for the Lord!

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