Whether you have stumbled upon this blog for the first time right now or have been a regular visitor, whether you are going to plunge into our summer study of the Thin Within book starting June 1st or won’t…what is it you want? What is it I want? What do you hope to get from studying the bible, walking with God, reading Thin Within, visiting this blog?

I am asking myself…why will I read/study the book, Thin Within, again? What am I hoping for? What do I want this time?

Maybe more importantly, what am I willing to do, say, give, be in order to experience it? Is there a goal I have? What do I think is really holding me back from realizing it?

One thing I know…my answers won’t be just about food, my body or weight…”Skinniness” is NOT next to “godliness!” I want to be totally free from judging myself or others from external appearances.

Another question I have for myself and for you before we launch our study (and I do hope you will answer these questions) is…what if I sense I have “failed” within say the first two weeks of our study? Am I willing to withhold judgment and to press on anyhow? Am I willing to consider my commitment to this process a more noble goal than other goals I might choose? The Christian life is nothing if not a process. That is what sanctification is all about…progressively becoming more and more Christ like!

I don’t want to buy in to Satan’s lie that if I don’t perform thus and so, then I am a failure, so I may as well quit. NO WAY. I urge you to be aware of this temptation before we ever get started. Commit this summer to being willing to learn whatever God shows you in whatever way he chooses to show you and I will do the same. Maybe you will release weight, maybe you won’t.

But will we–will you–choose to believe God that the process is worth it?

Have you ever been naturally good at a sport, like tennis or golf and never been taught at all by anyone professionally? Then you go to take your first lesson so you can improve and the professional tells you that s/he will have to start you from scratch…in effect rebuild your stroke from the ground up? In order to get better, you will have to get worse first? This isn’t uncommon. Sometimes we have to get to a place where things look worse before they look better. As God shows us the many ways we cling to things other than Him (including food), we may find ourselves clinging all the more…But hang in there with the process. Trust him that HE IS DOING a new thing–even if the process looks ugly for a bit. We may have to look worse…maybe even feel like we are losing a few rounds first–before it gets better.

Feel free to comment on these thoughts in the comments section. This blog is for you all! 🙂

What DO you want? What ARE you willing to do to get it? How willing are you to experience a process that looks very different from what you expect…? Even if it is ugly? 🙂

Will you hang in there for the duration anyhow?