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Break free from dieting and compulsive exercise! God never intended for food to torment us or for us to spend two hours on the elliptical making up for what we ate earlier in the day. Instead, he longs for us to experience his peace, joy, and rest in the presence of food. He longs for us to move our bodies out of expressions of joy and worship…because it feels good to do so! God invites us to shake off the shackles of fear that keep us a slave to exercise to make up for what we eat.

What IS Thin Within? How can you start right now, with no money invested, to shed extra weight and to walk in the freedom that is yours?

A free online class will begin January 6th, 2014. Please join us! The only thing you will need for it is a Thin Within workbook, but even if you don’t have one of those, please join us anyhow! (You can get a free sample of one week’s worth of material at this link.) The webinars will encourage you and there will be new videos posted here to the blog each week as well.

This post outlines the details for how you can get involved in the class that starts January 6th and runs through April 7th.

If you want to see the emails that have been sent to the class list already, the first one, sent on December 3, is here. The second, sent on December 16, is here.

What do you have to lose other than obsession with counting and exercise? With Thin Within, we eat what we enjoy in moderation. We become mindful of what our bodies need to operate at their best. We exercise because weΒ enjoyΒ doing so and relish the health benefits. We no longer live in fear! Sound good to you? Come on along!

How About You?

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