Photo Courtesy of iStockPhoto

Photo Courtesy of iStockPhoto

NOTE: When I share a sound file like this, I feel a little weird. I know that my way of relating to God is probably different than most. I feel like I have let you into my secret prayer closet when I share files like this. I have prayed about sharing this and feel like God is in it, so I will step out in faith and trust that if you think I am weird, a nutcase or a Jesus Freak that someone somewhere is going to be ministered to, encouraged, or something…to make it totally worth whatever it might cost me. LOL! 😀

So, with that disclaimer aside…

God never intended food to torment us. When the thought of eating scares us because we know how we are, let’s take a proactive, intentional stand. Let’s renew our minds. Let’s trade the lies we have believed…including the lies we believe about ourselves when we do mess up. Let’s make a plan to do things differently. Let’s re-establish a boundary and then stick with it in the strength God gives. And let’s pray!

This is a sound file (if you are a subscriber, you may need to visit the blog site to access the sound file) that shows an example of how I  renew my mind about how I think about food. This is intended to be an example, but you can also pray silently along with this. I hope that you will join me in continuing to renew your mind with truth. If this idea is a bit foreign to you, it comes out of Romans 12:2 and our bible study of Barb Raveling’s material (if you missed it, please find the list here).

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You are welcome to download this file and put it on a CD or your iPod, but even better if you record one of YOU doing this very thing!

So, what do you think? Is this a practical approach to changing the way you relate to food? Is it possible it could help you? 

If you aren’t comfortable doing it quite like this, you could truth journal. Learn more about that here.