Ok…serious stuff is important to share, but I have to share fluff, too. Is that ok? 🙂

My daughter is 13. For the first time in my life, she is borrowing MY clothes! Is that not just impossibly weird? I mean, my sweaters (new ones! YAY!) and shoes…but even my jeans. Last week, I got behind in the laundry and she asked me if I had JEANS she could borrow. ExcUUUUSe me?

In my brain I am still “the fat lady.” (I guess I am getting serious here…) When my 13 year old asks to borrow my clothes, it is just plain weird. A part of me says “Can’t you SEE? I am HUGE compared to you!!!” I guess the truth is, well…the truth is, that is a lie! I am not huge any more. I wonder why my brain keeps thinking otherwise? I have been about this same size now since May or June or so. Been maintaining for six months (another new thing, by the way…in the past when I lost weight, it was only for the fleeting seconds it took me to bend over, kiss the scale with glee and hop off the scale…presto…weight came back on!).

So I wonder when my brain will “see it?”

No matter.

I will continue to enjoy my daughter borrowing my clothes (granted, they are big on her, but still! LOL!!!)

Enough fluff -n – stuff! I have work to do today!