Many of us try desperately to STOP thinking about food and STOP thinking about eating, and STOP thinking about our diets, clothes, being skinny, etc.

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 In fact, whatever the addiction, bad habit, or temptation…we often try to stop thinking about whatever it is just so we can be FREE!

But the more we try to STOP thinking about these things, the more we actually think about them. The more we feel ensnared.

Let me illustrate the point this way:

Do NOT think about a pink elephant. 

(I know, I have used this illustration before…just work with me! LOL!).

Seriously…do NOT think about a pink elephant. NO PINK ELEPHANT thinking!

What are you thinking about?

Chances are, you are thinking about a pink elephant!

This is true with our eating. When we are trying not to give in to eating a hot fudge sundae when we aren’t hungry, the more we try not to think about it, the more we think about it, until we are overcome and we give in.

So, my theory (and one that has worked for me and others in the classes I have led) is that if we intentionally change what we are thinking about, we will experience the victory we long for.

Not only that, but if heart hunger is really what is luring me to food, then it seems like I need to feed my heart with heart FOOD to experience satisfaction.

Changing my focus from me and what *I* want and to the LORD is a great way of dealing with all of this! By focusing on the Lord, I stop thinking about pink elephants and hot fudge sundaes. 🙂 By focusing on the Lord, my heart is filled up on what it longs for…intimacy with God.

This is what the “God List” is for. It is to take the focus OFF of ME and on to God and to fill my heart up on what it really is missing…intimacy with God. God has placed a heart hunger within me to draw me to HIM. If I keep on feeding this heart hunger with physical food, not only will my heart continue to starve for what it was created to long for, but I will get BIGGER (physically). This starves my heart and over-feeds my body!

If you want to know more about the God List, view this video.

More on the God List and what to do with it next week! 🙂