Oh, Lord….this is raw…coming from my heart with tears streaming down my face. Why did you see fit in your grace to call me in 2000 to come alongside Judy and Arthur and have the unsurpassed privilege of putting words to all their wisdom…why did *I* get called to help to write the book, Thin Within??????? What an amazing sense of humor you have, Lord! It makes me laugh and cry all at once!

Judy has sent me letters that people have been sending her…even now, 5 years after the book was published….telling her their stories…and another COMPLETE testimony being prepared for the TW Thin Line Magazine has come to me…it is all about you working MIRACLES through the words that you chose to be put in the Thin Within book.

Lord, tears of absolute joy, humility, awe…stream down my face. Why are you so kind to let me participate? This is amazing Lord. Not only are you doing a new thing in my life, but you are in countless others. Oh Lord! And to think I have been invited to continue to partner with Judy and Pam…and…well, Lord…how can I thank you?

Thank you for this joy….thank you for this calling. Thank you for this privilege. Help me, Oh LORD!…I want to live as one who is called…I want to live what you have already attributed to me…such amazing esteem…you truly treat me as your treasure….and so often I snub you. This morning as I read Amos, I was floored at the continued references to your overtures to Israel…falling on empty unresponsive hearts. Lord let me not be an unresponsive heart.

Thank you for this privilege…all of these privilegeS!!!!

Oh, God, my heart can hardly contain….I bow in adoration….why, Lord????