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Like a Child

I am finally becoming the child I never was. Said by Sudebaker As a child growing up, I wasn’t safe. I feared and experienced abandonment frequently. Life was devoid of the safety and protection of reliable authority figures. Any surprise that I struggle with God as a wonderful, reliable, safe and strong authority figure today? […]

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Past Sexual Abuse is Often at the Root of Overeating

80% of the women who struggle with overeating and overweight have been molested or raped at some point in their life. That is my best guess. The reason I guess that the statistic is that high is because so very many of the women I have come to know over the past 13 years have […]

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When Life Hits

I was bee-bopping along…like always. Somewhat carefree, though only as carefree as I could be with  many significant life changes happening in such a short period. Eager to help as many people as possible to experience the freedom that Jesus has purchased for them, I am trying to build the ministry of “God is Doing […]

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What Will It Take?

There are times when I like to carefully draft, edit, compose thoughtful messages here at the blog. (Ok, so that is a rarity…I don’t do it often.) Photo Courtesy of iStockPhoto Then there are times when I just sort of let it all hang out. Today is one of those kinds of posts, because truthfully, […]

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