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Objectionable Obligation or Inviting Opportunity?

[Inspired by Terri Graham] Am I the only one who finds it SOOOO hard to wait for a zero ~ “true hunger”? There are many things in my life that I do even though I don’t want to do them…  like doing the laundry…  dishes…  going places when I’d rather stay home…  I even shower, floss, wash my face, […]

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Christine’s Story

Author: Christine Lewis. As a recent college graduate who is in her first year of teaching, I stay pretty busy!  It can be really challenging to keep up with a diet and exercise plan. While in college it was even more challenging!  It was frustrating because I always felt like I should be losing weight […]

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Market Madness No More! – Guest Post

January 2, 2014 What a joy it was to go to the grocery store this morning without a new diet plan guiding my shopping list! It’s been a long time since I approached a New Year without some crazy diet or workout plan. FLASH BACK to…January 2013 I decided that I must have an issue […]

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A Milkshake for Lunch?! – Guest Post

I must start by sharing this happy realization. A few months ago, Heidi recorded a long winded 40-45 minute conversation with me about breaking free from dieting. The Lord has delivered me so far from dieting now that I can barely remember the details of how I broke free! Now, that’s freedom. But, I will use […]

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“CHANGED!” A Testimony by Christina

Every year the Lord gives me a word for the new year.  In December of 2012, I began to pray about what the word would be.  Almost immediately the Lord said my word was “change”.  With that being such a simple word, I thought that just couldn’t possibly be it–but it was!  And one of […]

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Anniversary Dinner

Today is our anniversary–23 years!My hubby, Bob, is applying the Thin Within principles now, too. He has released about 7 pounds. So today, at our anniversary lunch, we took pictures of our meals – before we ate any of it (when it was served), after we ate (what was left on the plate), and the […]

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