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The Last Bite is “Hard to Do!”

We hate to say good-bye, don’t we? My daughter left three weeks ago for a summer program in Wheaton Illinois and now she and her classmates are in England–London–and will be in Oxford. I won’t see her for another month. Saying goodbye to her three weeks ago was so painful as I knew I wouldn’t […]

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HEAL Group Session 03

Hundreds of years ago, Hagar gave God a name – “The God Who Sees Me.” (Genesis 16:13) In her most difficult place, God made it clear that Hagar was noticed and cared for personally. The Psalm that we have continued to make reference to through our study so far–Psalm 139–makes it clear that we, too, […]

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What is a “0?” How Do I Know I Am Hungry?

I get asked about physical hunger all the time. I made a video to help answer some questions about this. I hope it helps! Summary: Hunger is not a sound (a growl), it is a sensation. Getting hungry will not slow down your metabolism in Thin Within because we eat when we are hungry. We […]

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Why A “God List”?

Many of us try desperately to STOP thinking about food and STOP thinking about eating, and STOP thinking about our diets, clothes, being skinny, etc. Image Provided by iStockPhoto  In fact, whatever the addiction, bad habit, or temptation…we often try to stop thinking about whatever it is just so we can be FREE! But the […]

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