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Walking Out Our Freedom

TW GRAPHIC - Walking Out Our Freedom2

I looked back at when I was having panic attacks and had a very candid talk with myself today about them. God told me to stop watching all those horrible murder shows on the ID channel that I was watching regularly. I didn’t see anything wrong with them, but it was harmful to my spirit. […]

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Melting Down to Your God-given Size

TW TITLE GRAPHIC - Melting Down to Your God-given Size

    • By Barb Shelton • Inspired by Christina Motley   Christina and I are prayer partners for the current two-week span and she sent me this picture of the snowlady she and her daughters made in their front yard…   She wrote, “Fun in the snow! ❄️⛄️❄️ Isn’t she just adorable??? We named […]

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God accepts me and loves me

I recently realized that I was believing these kinds of lies: “God will accept me only when I am at my natural, healthy size.  And if I’m not at my natural, healthy size, then God is disappointed in me.  I am not acceptable until I meet that size.”  As I type those lies out, I’m […]

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Letting Myself Be Free

Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

On June 6, 2014 at 3:00 am, the Lord gave me a dream.  My son woke up shortly after I had the dream for a feeding.  As I was feeding him his bottle, the Lord gave me the interpretation to the dream.  I couldn’t wait to write the dream and the interpretation in my journal.  […]

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I’m a THIS!


If you’ve read the Thin Within book, you’ll likely remember the story about the eagle that thought he was chicken. If you haven’t read the Thin Within book yet, I’ll recap for you quickly. One day a naturalist was passing by a farm and as he looked over at the chicken yard, he noticed a […]

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Time For Change – Bob Bylsma’s Thin Within Testimony

Bob Bylsma - After and Before

I first became self-conscious about my weight in elementary school, when my mother bought me “husky”-sized pants. In hindsight that was probably more a function of my short legs and long torso than my weight, but it made me feel fat.  After I got married in 1985, I began to notice that I had some “flab.” […]

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Renewing the Mind to Break Free – Barb Raveling’s Testimony

Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

[Editor’s Note: Barb Raveling has taught me so much about how to renew my mind in accordance with Romans 12: 2 in a practical way. Although she is not—and never has been—a participant in Thin Within, her website is, nevertheless, a wonderful resource of practical strategies and bible studies that can help us  think differently—to […]

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8 Reasons To Work on Thinking Differently

A few months ago, my husband was listening to something I had recorded. On my way to meeting a friend for lunch, I had recorded my conversation with God in case it could be helpful to you all. That file is found here. When Bob was listening to it, though, he stopped it for a […]

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HEAL Lesson 6 – 2013 Abundant Life!

“Abundant Life” – The phrase brings to mind many things for each of us. For some, it might mean material wealth. For others, being surrounded by friends and family. For still others, it means good health and the freedom to serve others without restraint. Certainly, for as many different people there are on the planet, […]

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