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Hello from Sunny Snow-Covered South Lake Tahoe!

Hi, everyone, from sunny snow-covered South Lake Tahoe! My family and I have been on vacation since Tuesday. I hope you can see the video segment above. Ordinarily, I am not one who likes to be photograhed or video taped…but this video in particular demonstrates the physical freedom I have found since releasing 100 pounds. […]

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The Brownie is CALLING!!!!

So what is up? Sunday I ate one meal to 6 and another one yesterday. Not only that, but I have had constant thoughts of food. In fact, last night, I obsessed about brownies! I haven’t experienced brownies being such a powerful draw in a long while. I dug in my heels and refused to […]

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Freedom From Condemnation

This is a minute and a half long video clip from a Thin Within DVD made in 2002 that I used in my group on Wednesday night. In it, “Karen” speaks of breaking free from condemnation. I thought it might encourage some of you. (At the time this was recorded, Karen had released 25 pounds.) […]

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Anniversary Dinner

Today is our anniversary–23 years!My hubby, Bob, is applying the Thin Within principles now, too. He has released about 7 pounds. So today, at our anniversary lunch, we took pictures of our meals – before we ate any of it (when it was served), after we ate (what was left on the plate), and the […]

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The 40 Years of Wandering…Part 6

The horse dream ended up in a very real way being a nightmare—God continued to shut down everything to which I looked for satisfaction but Him (including my horses!). I stopped riding due to challenges the horses faced (the one in the picture wasn’t even 5 yet and came totally lame…surgery was required…he is only […]

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A New New Thing! Fear VANISHES! YAY!

Hi, everyone. Something soooooo interesting to me has occurred to me, so I simply must share. Prior to being involved with Thin Within, I had a year of involvement with a popular weightloss program and then another one…and lost 110 pounds and with all the compulsive working out I did, including training for marathons and […]

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