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A Slow Learner ~ Heidi Bylsma’s Testimony

Before TW and Now

I was an obnoxious kid. I was also an abused kid. I was abused the most around food. My parents had their hands full with me. I was a lot of kid. And their life plans didn’t include me at that late season of life. Children were to be Seen and Not Heard, but boy…at meal time, it was […]

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Frustrated with Yourself? You *Could* Quit…or…

So, you have done it again, huh? You have started another study “fresh.” A “brand new start” you told yourself. “This time, I am going to do this right!” Yet, here you are again. You didn’t even want to come to this blog today. You didn’t want to see everyone else crowing about how wonderful they are […]

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Three Fears To Hurdle NOW! :-)

As you launch into this leg of your journey, there may be three fears or doubts that assault you. If you are like most of us, maybe you can relate to these. Hope there is something here that can encourage you! Let’s not let doubt win. Instead, let’s submit our thinking, our doubts and fears, […]

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Press “Reset”

What do you do when you have “blown it?” A dieting mentality might cause a temporary poor choice to result in a longer lasting setback. I have learned nothing in the past 14 years of eating 0 to 5 if not to look at each moment as being significant in and of itself. What I […]

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The 40 Years of Wandering…Part 5

In the Fall of 2002, my family and I moved to the country to fulfill a life-long dream I had of owning horses. All the work of preparing the land, fences, including the moving of tons of rock (literally) by hand caused me to work my tail off (literally) outside. When we moved, I weighed […]

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So many things are hitting me. I am feeling like this really will happen this time. I will reach my God-given size…and not just because I have mechanically applied the physiological aspects of 0-5 eating. God is really transforming me INSIDE (within) and out. For some reason the 35 pounds I have lost seems like […]

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