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Moment by Moment, Little by Little

Wanda Walker - Title graphic - Moment by Moment

  I had a pretty good day today. I’m just working to get my head back into the game. It seems like emotionally I’m a little off, like I got kicked in the gut and I’m trying to recover. I guess that comes with forgiving myself once again, which I have to say I haven’t […]

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Freedom From Condemnation

This is a minute and a half long video clip from a Thin Within DVD made in 2002 that I used in my group on Wednesday night. In it, “Karen” speaks of breaking free from condemnation. I thought it might encourage some of you. (At the time this was recorded, Karen had released 25 pounds.) […]

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The 40 Years of Wandering…Part 4

A note about this multiple-part testimony: It seems so self-indulgent to me to share here on the blog all of this “All About Me” journey thing. My hope is that you will be encouraged! No matter how much “wandering” you think you have done, I am willing to bet I have done more! No matter […]

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