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After working through this issue using the tools we have at our fingertips, I felt healed from my negative feelings. I shared with my friend and accountability partner Deanna Lewis that I felt like I had been washed on an old fashioned wash board, put through a wringer and now I have been hung up […]

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Freedom From Emotional Eating


  Right now I am involved in a study called “A Taste for Truth”  by Barb Raveling.  It’s a great way to learn to renew my mind and  fits nicely with eating “intuitively”, or 0-5.  A few days ago, I joined the discussion on the chapter regarding emotional eating. My good friend Deanna Burris, who is […]

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Free in HIM- My Hunger Within Journey


Years ago I lost over 65 pounds doing a hunger/fullness plan. This was before I knew about Thin Within. All was good until I moved to a new city and I started to slowly slip away from that. I stared turning again to food for comfort. I thought I needed accountability and so started my years […]

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Testimony ~ Marilyn Osborn ~ Long Enough in the Wilderness

by Marilyn Osborn I have been struggling with weight issues and a focus on outside appearances for over thirty-five years.  Before Thin Within, I was involved with a weight-loss program that, similar to Thin Within, teaches “All foods are permissible. Eat only when hungry.” However, that other program includes a non-biblical approach of self-condemnation when members struggle […]

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Let’s be doers of the Word! Not merely hearers!

Get 2016 off to a great start! We are sure you want more out of yourself and out of life than empty New Year’s resolutions — which are often promises made because everyone at the office is making them or because all the family members are sharing theirs. Instead, let’s start off the first full week in January […]

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I am in the 2015 Holiday Victory class that is studying Barb Raveling’s book, Taste for Truth. Even though Barb isn’t a member of the Thin Within community, reading this book (now for the third time) has been so life changing on my journey towards freedom from disordered eating and thinking and I wanted to […]

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Focus will Bring the Victory

Focus… What has yours? This time of year it is easy to be wrapped up in the hustle and bustle of family gatherings, company parties, church dinners, gift and cookie exchanges. Although these may all be wonderful blessings, who has time to focus on 0 to 5 or be mindful about eating? (If we are honest, we […]

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Gleaning From Hunger Within

Hunger Within Book

  These are a few of the things that participants have shared in our Hunger Within Study Class. I only displayed their initials so that they can identify one another, but anyone outside the class is unable to. We had a very blessed time together and many of us will rejoin in the Fall to […]

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I’m Just Food

The Seven Deadly Dins: Gluttony

Poem Written by Debbie Grulke, Hunger Within Participant I’m Just Food I’m just food, what do you want from me? I can never comfort or begin to set free. I’m not you friend and I can’t be your lover; I can’t break your heart or help you recover. I’m just food created to nourish, to […]

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Sharing from Hunger Within


Here are some really helpful videos from the Hunger Within Class 2014. If you struggle with hurts from the past that trigger you to run to food for relief, Hunger Within is geared towards helping you. Listen and see how wonderful this material is, written by The Halliday’s. This is from chapter two, talking about […]

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