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Forget Not


This is an amazing journey living and, now eating, with God. I’ve been eating this way faithfully since early November 2013. I say faithfully because it’s been a complete walk of faith in God to uphold me, to forgive me and strengthen me when I falter and faith in the body God gave me, as […]

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Go Boldly

cathy new

    “Wow, Mom! You’re going where no man has gone before!” That was my sons’ reply  when I told him that I now weigh less than I ever have in my adult years, and that from that point forward, it would be all new territory for me. He looked me square in the eye […]

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A Lost Cigar Lighter and Finding 5

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In Thin Within we get to enjoy whatever food we want when we are hungry–“0.” We stop eating when we reach a “5”–when the body has had “just enough” food…it isn’t full, but is satisfied. Usually, it will take about the same volume of food as the size of a loosely held fist (depending on […]

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Accountability Ideas and Resources

Many of you are taking the plunge with accountability partnership! I know it is a bold brave step! I applaud you! Thank you for stepping up and believing God for the NEW thing that he is doing! Today, I want to provide some resources for you and your partner. Here are some previous posts on […]

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