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Boundaries – Lesson 9 TW Class 2014

Chapter 25 - Godly Boundaries - Broadening? Or...?

Lord, you alone are my portion and my cup;     you make my lot secure. The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places;     surely I have a delightful inheritance. Psalm 16:5-6 Boundaries…we have been talking about them since our orientation week. They are fundamental to a godly life and eating is no exception. Eating […]

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My Thin Within Story


Two years ago, a company mailed me a copy of “HEALED: HEALTHY EATING AND ABUNDANT LIVING” by accident. This is a teen study based on the Thin Within program. I don’t have a teenaged daughter. And I had never heard of Thin Within. But I loved the book, and wanted to find out more about […]

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Steering Without Starlight

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The ancient mariners used the stars as their guides. Alone on the dark sea, a bright star or blazing constellation told the sailors which way to steer. True North was never hard to find. And if they made a wrong turn, they knew it immediately based on the position of the stars and the boat. […]

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Embracing A New Identity

Gratitude Makes a Difference

I replaced the light bulbs in my bathroom this week. Two bulbs over my mirror had burned out long ago, and because of their height above the mirror, I postponed the replacement for months. And then my husband informed me that a repairman was coming to replace our water heater. He would need access to […]

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Seeking First the Kingdom of God ~ Guest Post by Brenda Ameli


I have worked through all four of the Thin Within workbooks. I have worked through the Thin Within book. I have led Thin Within groups three times in the last ten years. I am a certified Wellness Coach and Pilates instructor. I teach. I KNOW this stuff! And yes, here I am, still yearning for […]

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8 Affirmations to Move Forward


On Saturday, I posted that I am declaring war on apathy.  Even veterans find they can slip into periods of apathy or…downright disobedience. One of my new strategies for amping up my focus is to call it what it is…rebellion, resistance, disobedience. I know what God has called me to. Allowing myself to justify “little […]

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Doing Battle – Even a Veteran Has to!

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Christina posted yesterday about the spiritual warfare she is experiencing lately. I am in the trenches, too. Even though I may be a “veteran” and have been at this a loooooong time, I nevertheless go through seasons of difficulty. To be honest, this is the most challenging I have ever experienced. As a result, I […]

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The Surprising Way to Stress Less this Christmas

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“Martha was distracted by all the preparations that had to be made.” Luke 10:40 The month of December is packed with crammed schedules, stretched budgets, and the ever present assortment of sweets, alcohol, and all-night shopping. Whatever your particular temptation, it will be waiting for you in abundance. When we add in the visits from […]

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Change Thinking for Holiday VICTORY!


Are you like many? Dreading the holiday season? Are you convinced that you will be taken out—knocked down for the count—all because turkey, stuffing, pumpkin pie (etc.) have an amazing “left hook” and you feel like you just can’t resist heading straight for disaster in the presence of sweet potato pie? Are you persuaded that […]

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7 Phrases To Ditch For Victory!

“It’s just a little snack!” “I am going to eat healthy today!” “Oh…if I get the house clean, I will have a little treat.” “I am swearing off of all junk food.” Food phrases come in all shapes and sizes, but I have discovered that certain words and phrases can be “little foxes” spoiling the […]

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