Nuts! I JUST WANT TO BE NORMAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Where all of this is incidental and not worthy of blogging about! LOL!

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Letting Go of More…

Wow…today has been revelatory. I can tell I am being prayed for by my fellow online support group members. This morning, I waited…really waited…for hunger–powerful hunger…a definite zero…then I served myself less than I normally do for breakfast. It wasn’t until after 3pm when I was hungry again…powerful hungry, too. I knew God was telling […]

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When to stop eating – What is 5?

I am excited to have joined Pam Sneed’s online study group of the first quarter workbook. What a blessing! Pam is awesome! We had our first meeting on Monday night and God was definitely present! I have never seen anything like it in an online chat before. It was new to me. God really IS […]

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Three Meals a Day?

Another hurdle that I have had to (and have to) overcome is a sense that I can eat three meals a day. In the past, when I ate listening to my body’s hunger/satisfied mechanism, I had a higher metabolism and got hungry many many times in a day. I could literally eat 4, 5 or […]

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Releasing Weight or Not

Something that God has worked with me on is related to some of the disappointments some have shared recently with not releasing more weight. This is still coming home to me, though, I must admit. I continue to be slow to learn. In my case, when I don’t release weight, first I have to ask […]

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Better is One Day – Devotion on Psalm 84:10

Better is one day in your courts than a thousand elsewhere; I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God than dwell in the tents of the wicked.– Psalm 84:10 Over the past 3 weeks, I have, at times (often), ignored the voice of God when He has instructed me or sought […]

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Practical Tips for Thin Within Living

Some things that have come my way recently that struck me as practical tips for applying oneself to 0-5 eating and heeding the voice of God… 1. Ask God if He wants you to abstain for just one day from drinking any beverage other than water. If He says yes, then prayerfully evaluate how this […]

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Year in Review and Hopes for 2007

This is long! I suppose it is more for me than for anyone to really read! LOL! I hope that saying it here will build in some accountability. I have an accountability partner. I will forward this to her as well. 2006 was a challenging year for me in many ways. I spent most of […]

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Day 30 – The Beginning

Day 30It really IS the beginning now. I lament the book study being behind me. I have studied the book so many times and never felt this way. LOL! I think this is a good thing!In evaluating my goals from Day 3 and if I had accomplished them or not, while the book didn’t ask […]

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Catching Up – Day 29

Yesterday, my Day 29, Harley was still not out of the woods, but I was more at peace that God is God. I clearly have “expectations” that God will “behave” a certain way if I am going to “submit” willingly. It really isn’t “submission” or “surrender” if it is conditioned on what I feel about […]

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