Catching up – Day 27

Day 27I see from my notes in the book, that Day 27 followed a day of spiritual testing. I had taken one of my horses to the UC Davis teaching veterinary hospital and the results concerned me…discouraged me…saddened me…and I found myself with an attitude of resentment toward the Lord. I got angry, I guess […]

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Day 25 and Day 26

Just finished reading Day 26. Did Day 25 yesterday in a rush.On page 267 there is an exercise in Day 25 about what are some potential obstacles that I might face. I am then to brainstorm a possible solution for that potential problem. Like one friend said, “Plan in advance what I WILL do when […]

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Day 24 Thoughts

Hi, everyone! As always, God’s timing is impeccable. I weighed myself this morning and was delighted that the outrageous goal weight I had hoped to reach by day 30 is a mere 3 pounds off!! If that isn’t a God thing, I don’t know what is. But then I noticed that I got a little […]

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Day 23 Thoughts

I am still amazed at the changes God has made in me. It really isn’t about food. It is about God and His desire to be Lord. I am so thankful that I have Him in my life. I could never “hold it together” without Him. I trust HE will “hold it together.”One of the […]

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Real Time – Days 21 and 22

I have completed through day 22 and will do Day 23 tomorrow.I feel a bit like I am coasting. God is not letting me off the hook. He continues to zero in on idolatry in my life, pointing out that my horse/family dream has been an idol. What have I longed for? What have I […]

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12/12/06 Day 20

I completed day 20 this morning and I will spare you the gory details. LOL! I won’t say anything except that God is at work! SO much going on!!!!!

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12/12/06 Day 19 Thoughts

Day Nineteen – Opening the Prison Gates 1. From page 194, “What is the single greatest gift that God has bestowed on humankind? There can be no doubt that it is the forgiveness of all our sins in Christ. John MacArthur, Jr., says it well: ‘There would be no salvation, relationship to God, entering into […]

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12/10/06 Day 18 Thoughts

Perfect timing, once again, for the material that I come to in the book! Wow! Chapter 18 focuses on godly boundaries using the story of Nehemiah. It is a great story, but I appreciate most the focus on godly boundaries. My 12 year old daughter is in a holiday mood. She equates this with baking. […]

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12/09/06 Day 17 Thoughts

I think that day 17 holds a vital key. Again, it is as if God has been preparing my heart for this and even though I have read this material countless times, it is still new and fresh. I love how God can do that! His Spirit sees no barriers, but just does His amazing […]

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12/09/06 Day 16 Thoughts

I did Day 16 yesterday, but wrote about day 15 yesterday, so thought I would try to catch up this evening. During day 16, some things really came to the forefront…actually, God keeps bringing them up. I have mentioned pride before. I guess it occurs to me that it is easy to say that I […]

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