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New Decisions

Wanda Walker - Title graphic - New Decisioins

.I’ve never known that, when you do wrong, it breeds more wrong-doing. After all of the progress I’ve had, I overate early this morning and completely fell off the rails…

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Failure Leads to Victory

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We get so discouraged when we break a boundary.  We eat when we aren’t hungry (zero).  We blow past satisfaction (5).  We bring out that “club of condemnation” one more time (sigh). But wait!  STOP!  Pause.  Freeze it right there!  Come a little closer to the screen.  Yes, there.   Now let me tell you a little […]

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Post “Fail”


If you’ve been following the blog in the past 10 months (or even longer) or you are participating in the 2014 Thin Within Workbook Class, you have probably read or heard a lot about the importance of renewing our mind when it comes to changing the way we have been eating.  And this week the […]

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Failing My Way to Freedom – Guest Post

As much as I hate to admit it, I know a thing or two about failure. Ten years ago, I discovered Thin Within and released over forty pounds in the span of two years. It  was a time of blessing and victory in my life and I am so thankful that the Lord brought me to […]

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I Got Back on the Horse — Will You?

So, did you fall off the horse yesterday? Last week? Last month? It’s never too late to get back up again! Take it from one who knows! PERFECTION is a myth. Both in riding a horse and in staying focused in our 0 to 5 eating, Thin Within approach. If you feel you have “failed” in […]

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“Holiday/Vacation Time! Let’s EAT!” & “Darn, I Blew It!”

Do you ever hear yourself saying those words? Or, maybe if not those words, then these? … It’s Friday…Time to EAT! It’s Monday…Time to EAT! It’s a holiday…Time to EAT! We’re on vacation…Time to EAT! Then, have you ever experienced this sequence of events? That once you gave in to eating because it was a […]

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What to do when you mess up…

Last week, I created the Fire the Desire 3-Day Challenge form (did you download it on Tuesday?) in response to a request from one of my coaching clients that we “shake things up” to stimulate a change. I wanted to partner along with her, so I decided to take the challenge myself. Silly me. The […]

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Three Things to Do When You Mess Up…

A day in the life… The day begins with hot tea and the warmth of a personal encounter with Jesus. Blessings and truth gush like a fountain off the pages of the Bible and saturate your heart as you are in awe of how intimate and personal His presence is to you. You have carved […]

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